Custom Bathroom Remodeling Services

About Radiant Bathroom Remodeling

Our remodeling company believes in delivering first class service, unmatched craftsmanship and timeless design using the finest materials available. Customized completely to your taste and style, we pride ourselves on turning your design vision into a living work of art you get to enjoy every day.

Our services include knowing and understanding you, your needs and your concerns. Creating a fully personalized bathroom remodel plan that suits your need and maximize space and carefully handling all aspects of making your bathroom beautifully unique and voguish.

As an experienced all around contractor, we are confident in our ability to fully refurbish every bathroom in your home, from the master bath including full bathrooms to powder rooms, half baths, and guest bathrooms.

All these and more, we achieve by combining our ability to pay attention to details, eye for great designs, and passion to transform your biggest visions to reality.

Quality Cabinets

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Natural Stone Counters

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Update your bathroom into a peaceful haven. With an eye for sophisticated design, true artisanship and extensive experience delivering high quality home renovations, Radiant Bathroom Remodeling is a top-notch custom bathroom remodeler.

A bathroom is a private space that should feel refreshing, relaxing and joyful. It should be flawlessly stylish and irresistibly comfortable since it is your special place of relief after a long day. This is our belief and we work hard to deliver this type of bathroom to every family we serve. That’s why we can’t wait to collaborate with you and turn your bathroom into an oasis of rejuvenation and freshness.

bathroom installation

Bathroom Installation Services

We handle all bathroom remodeling projects meticulously no matter the size. We also specialize in the construction of a newly built bathroom space. We will indeed be more than delighted to take on your projects such as tile installment, tile replacement and shower conversions. It will also be our pleasure to embark on that vision you think can’t be possible such as installing a full master bath in a tiny bedroom, a full guest bathroom in a lower level and a totally new powder room in a main level. Our desire is always to fulfill your vision with our technical know-how and this includes starting from the scratch.

bathroom remodeling

Total Bathroom Remodeling Services

Through bathroom remodeling, a tiny bathroom space can be turned to a spa even without any square footage. A full bathroom remodeling does not only include major bath installments, but may be a tub and shower conversion or a full gutting bathroom remodel. Whatever the adjustments are, we graciously fulfill using our renowned expertise and experience.

bath and shower remodel

Complete Bath & Shower Remodeling

By handling your bathroom projects, we ensure your atmosphere, relaxation and comfort is optimized. We achieve this by rendering services such as shower conversions, shower enclosures upgrades, tempered glass installation, to mention but a few. We also help install vintage cast iron tubs, convert traditional tubs to a comfortable walk in shower, and turn a stand alone shower to a full bath befitting for your kids. We are just a call away. Let’s turn that dream into a beautiful reality together.

bathroom tile renovation

Bathroom Tile Renovation Services

Tiling plays a major role in the beauty of the whole room. From flooring, to shower surround, then to backsplash. All play their role in the room’s design outcome. Ready to change your bathroom tiles now? We help you change your space to an entirely new one by getting rid of the old worn out tiles and installing brand new ones that will match your taste. We also consult client’s on trending tile materials, patterns and textures that will suit a chosen design and approach. Are you in need of a luxurious natural stone? A unique pattern? Wood tile? Or even a zen-inspired pebble shower flower? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We enjoy incorporating your taste into your personalized design.

bathroom floor installation

Bathroom Floor Remodeling

Worried about your bathroom floor? Fret not. Our time cautions service offers astonishing new bathroom flooring, able to make you giggle in joy with each rising sun.. We begin with a proper and complete consultation on your personal aesthetic. This helps us create an ideal custom bathroom specific to your taste and budget. We also make sure to leave your bathroom floor safe and gorgeously flawlessly through proper planning and execution of tasks once all materials needed are selected.

bathroom vanity replacement

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling

Do you know your bathroom deserves a functional vanity top that is aesthetically pleasing? Yes it does. Our full scale bathroom makeover service offers installation of bathroom vanity tops that are not just functional but creatively designed to please you. In addition to helping you with vanity selection and installation, we also create custom countertops and sinks, lay a custom backsplash tile and hang mirrors and accessories.Our end results always speak volume and will surely leave you thrilled.

Trendy Bathroom Styles and Design Options

As bathroom renovators with great taste and rich experience,we make it our point of duty to be fully versatile and knowledgeable of modern bathroom remodeling trends. We also ensure we are consistent in keeping trends of great bathroom designs.

Our bathroom contractors have a phoenix eye for superior style, diligent and conscientious to details. Working with us ensures you of no spillage through the cracks. We promise to carry you along each process. From designing and building a brand new bathroom to transforming the look of your current bathroom until a fine handcrafted, spa-worthy space is achieved.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Imagine walking into a bathroom that sends a sweet spike down your spine. Cozy, comfortable, and a peaceful haven. A kind of bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub filled with lavender picked from your garden. Our Farmhouse bathrooms remodel designs feature rustic design details and neutral colors whose elements are peaceful and pacifying. Our unique and simple charm is achieved through materials like stone, wood, brick, and cast iron, as well as natural, unpolished, and distressed textures. We also use vintage-inspired hardware and decor pieces.

Modern Bathroom Remodel

A modern bathroom remodel achieves clean minimalism through calculated straight lines, geometric shapes, neutral colors (monochrome palettes, silver, gold, black and white), uncluttered spaces, polished textures, and hidden or minimal decorations and hardware. These elements provide an unembellished but lustrous look. Fixtures, like bathtubs, may be rounded or incorporate hard angles, depending on the rest of your bathroom’s design.

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Do you desire a traditional bathroom remodel? Then classic designs that cut through ages are for you. Glossy layers and polished tile, artistic floor patterns, stand alone bathtubs, basin and pedestal sinks, pops of color and color blocking, metal hardware, and warm lighting all add to the glamor.

Contemporary Bathroom

Wondering the difference between a contemporary and modern bathroom? Although they share design aesthetics in common, a contemporary bathroom is simply trendy and in the moment. Just like Hollywood Glam or Urban Industrial, contemporary bathrooms feature elements that are stylish, sophisticated, and elegant. It includes modern details such as clean lines, geometric patterns, unique tile layouts and patterns (including floor-to-ceiling tile). You can also find details like marble fixtures, pops of black, mixed metals, freestanding bathtubs, and contemporary shower styles (glass sliding doors and window panes). Whichever design you choose, whatever idea you may have. It will be our pleasure to see it through.

Transitional Bathroom

Transitional bathroom a combination of design elements from traditional and contemporary styles. A blend of modern and vintage look created by mixing items like a porcelain tub and pedestal sink with smooth, glossy cabinetry and minimalist hardware. Juxtaposition of materials can also be achieved by featuring a tiled floor and wooden cabinets.

Spa Inspired Bathroom Remodel

Turning your home bathrooms to a spa- like space is our specialty. Just desire it, we will help you achieve it.. A spa bathroom remodel emanates peace like nature, creating a zen-like, peaceful oasis right in your home. We achieve this by incorporating natural elements, wood and stone, earth tones, and tiled walls. We also use vanities with clean straight lines, walk-in showers, and lots of natural light to give your new bathroom a superb appearance that melts away all your troubles of the day.

Quality Cabinets

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Natural Stone Counters

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Exquisite Bathroom Makeovers

Your house, whether traditional or modern. Small or big, should not determine the comfort derived from your bathrooms. You deserve your custom space of premium relaxation and comfort and that, we willingly offer.

Our bathroom home improvement services include total space revamp, design remodeling from traditional to modern styles or vice versa, and also bath basement finishing.

Whatever be your reason for remodeling, our services run through all home improvement strategies that will benefit you and your family.

bathroom makeover

Large Bathroom Remodel

A typical large bathroom is often 10 x 12 in size, or about 120 square feet. They basically consist of a shower, sink, bathtub, and toilet. Our large bathroom remodel may include total floor and wall tile replacement, modern shower installation to revamp a vanity and freestanding tub installations.

Small Bathroom Remodel

Typical small bathrooms may have a shower (¾ bath) or may not have any (half bath). Typical sizes range between 26-30 square feet. Renovations for small bathrooms can maximize space as well as boost efficacy. We can help you upgrade your bathroom and as well save space by installing space-saving fixtures using materials like glass to enhance the area.

Heading 3

The master bedroom usually has a full bathroom, which sometimes is bigger than a standard full bath, attached to it. This offers a pretty enough convenience to create your en-suite bathroom into a custom luxurious space of retreats and treats. Master bath renovation also helps us replace outdated tile, remodel a vanity, and create a totally different look through a customized design and style.

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Your guests also deserve a custom bathroom haven filled with astonishing elegance. Through your guest room remodeling, our bathroom remodel contractors would prove their expertise at building and designing stylish spaces befitting for your guests. It can range from simple style changes to complex bath and shower remodeling, which will leave your guests thrilled.

Half Bath Remodel

Half baths are basic layouts used mostly as secondary bathrooms in small apartments and homes. Half baths are usually 15 square feet long, but may be up to 26 square feet long on the larger end. Half bath renovation simply involves floor or tile renovation, storage space creation, vanity remodeling, and cabinets refreshments to mention but a few.

Powder Room Renovations

A powder room, sometimes referred to as a half bath, is usually equipped with one sink, one toilet, and mostly has inadequate space for anything else. But who says size matters, with even the smallest space, we can help you create a functional, fashionable and fabulous bathroom that suits your fantasies. We also major in changing powder rooms to fit your home and family needs by remodeling vanities to add space, installing tile, creating statement flooring to mention but a few.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel

Jack and jill bathrooms are bathrooms typically shared by two bedrooms. It is therefore ideal to make the design as versatile as possible. We renovate jack and jill bathrooms with trendy fixture installations that reflect your style and functional needs.

Galley Bathroom Remodel

Need to extend the vanity in your galley-style bathroom? No problem! Our service also offers help for remodeling of the bath, shower, tiles, and floor to accommodate your his-and-her bathroom design.

Condo Bathroom Remodel

Do you desire a walk-in shower conversion to make your condo bathroom spacious or want a new tile installation for more striking visual effect? Whatever the idea is, our job is to see it through from start to finish creating a condo bathroom that gives you joy.

Townhouse Bathroom Remodel

It’s no longer news that a restroom remodel can add value to your townhome. We don’t just help you achieve this but also help transform your townhome bathrooms to a pure, spacious oasis filled with welcoming and blissful sensations. We also replace clunky tubs with modern showers, transform the look of a vanity countertop, install light-enhancing tile, among many other beautiful and satisfying services.

Contact Us For Your Complete Bathroom Renovation

A total bathroom renovation transforms your bathroom from a basic boring style to a completely sleek look with ecstatic feeling and pleasures. We enjoy taking that bathroom from any current stage or look to a perfect trendy design only you have ever imagined.

Looking for excellent bathroom remodelers who are on point with design and details? That’s us! We only deliver top-notch quality craftsmanship and renovation expertise to ensure you have a great experience. We’re ready to transform your current dated bathroom into a welcoming, blissful, and safe space that you won’t want to leave.

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