Powder Room Remodel

Powder rooms are the perfect spot to freshen up whether you're throwing a party or simply coming back from attending errands.

Our team of professionals is always ready to help you remodel your powder room. Through our years of experience, and unwavering professionalism, we’ve mastered the art of creating a totally new powder room or a makeover that we always appeal to you and give you both luxury and functionality.

powder room remodel

What is a Powder Room?

The powder room is usually located on the main floor and is mostly used by visitors. Since it's a restroom that gets a lot of usages, it usually needs the best care possible. Powder rooms are often smaller than complete bathrooms and are equipped with just a toilet and a sink. Because of the compact space, homeowners may afford to pay for high-end features and exquisite finishes. Adding opulent touches like fancy mirrors, gleaming quartz countertops, and fashionable golden brass fittings is just one way to make this little bath outstanding for all your guests.

Powder Room Renovation Contractor Services

Powder Room New Construction

Do you wish you had a luxurious powder room for visitors or family members? During the morning rush, when all the restrooms are rapidly filled, a powder room is a very useful location to offer guests a short refresh or to provide more space for family members to get ready in. Because a powder room is without a tub or shower, it's ideal for grooming and cleaning up without taking up a complete bathroom.

We have the expertise, equipment, experience, and team members to construct a powder room from the ground up as a complete general bathroom contractor. We may examine your house to see how best to make use of unused space or adjust the layout to fit this little bathroom. We remove walls, build new walls, install plumbing, add wiring, and do whatever else is required to create a powder room that meets your demands. We'll also work with you in choosing the right design and material so that the space expresses your personality and blends in with the rest of the property.

Your new remodeled powder room, will not only please you and your family but will also add value to your house while giving you and your visitors all the convenience you desire.

Powder Room Makeovers

Whether you have a powder room that is in desperate need of a makeover, or you are in need of a new design and layout, we can assist you with a completely new plan or just updating the design to make it flow better with the rest of your contemporary house. Based on how you utilize this tiny area, here are a few suggestions for remodeling it.


Powder Rooms serving as an Extra Grooming Place

Is your powder room used as an extra area to get ready each day by your family? If you have more people than bathrooms, this room is ideal for handling the population and providing additional space for one family member to apply cosmetics, do their hair, or just freshen up while the other baths are filled.

Focus on utility for a normal family morning routine environment. Refresh your daily priming spot with a storage-filled vanity with lots of counter space, well-lit mirrors with additional light bulbs, and shelves for easy access to hand towels. These are all excellent ideas for making a tiny place work for a busy family.


Powder Rooms That Pampers Guests

A powder room renovation usually offers you a fantastic opportunity to show off your own style while also allowing visitors to appreciate your sense of design. Because you'll have less material to buy, you'll be able to use a simple budget to indulge in ways you wouldn't typically. We can mount high-end lighting pendants on each side of the mirror to liven up the space and add a bit of luxe to the room. We can as well display a show-stopping feature wall with modern wallpaper and elegant floating vanity.

The powder room is always the home’s display of luxury and elegance. The appropriate design may help you create an exquisite ambiance that allows your visitors to refresh themselves in style, from marble walls and gold-plated taps to contemporary fixtures and a calming color palette.


Powder Rooms for Family Convenience

We will help you renovate your powder room, no matter the location. Whether in the basement or main floor, we’ll closely work with you to make sure we provide a convenient space for you and your guests. Furthermore, a renovated powder room will also increase your home value in addition to the pleasant feeling derived from it.

If you're looking for a more cost-effective remodel, we can use a simple pedestal sink and a basic, modern toilet to create a classy area you'll adore while focusing your spending on the flooring, walls, and accessories.

If you want a handy spot to store often used goods on the main floor of your house, we can as well install a built-in cabinet to hold your linens, toiletries, and scented candles.

Powder Room Remodeling Services

powder room remodeling

Powder Room Tile Replacement Services

Modern tiles may be replaced for a completely new appearance that meets your design sense if your bathroom is beginning to seem old or weary. We can install the perfect tile to meet your taste, whether you want classic designs like honeycomb groupings or penny tiles, or modern layouts like subway tile, chevron, or herringbone patterns.

Powder Room Floor Remodel

The floor is an essential component of the room because it is the first thing your visitors will notice when they enter. Remodeling the flooring in your powder room not only keeps it in style, but it also improves its aesthetic value.

Powder Room Vanity Renovation Services

The vanity, with its elegant design and large surface area, is ideal for everyday grooming and guest cleaning. Even the smallest powder room may be transformed into an elegant place by updating the vanity.

Built-in Cabinets or Towel Closet

Adding built-in cupboards and linen closets to your powder room is a creative way to get rid of clutter and ensure you have all of your amenities on hand.

Toilet Installation or Replacement Service

Our toilet installation or replacement service includes working closely with you to design and as well choose a toilet that not only perfectly fits in your little space, but also has the modern features you want, including low flow and dual flushing.

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