Large Bathroom Remodel

Is there something missing from your huge bathroom? You could be ready for a huge bathroom redesign if you find yourself searching through home decor magazines or Pinterest boards in your leisure time, dreaming of all the personalized ideas you have for your vast bathroom area.

We can help you change your bathroom into the grooming environment you desire, whether it has too much unutilized space owing to a poor layout or is just no longer appealing due to outdated design.

We can provide you with everything you need to get ready each day, from high ceilings, ambient lighting, and exquisite fixtures to a custom, spacious walk-in shower and handbuilt linen closet.

large bathroom remodel

Meet Your Big Bathroom Remodel Contractor

For years we've been remodeling bathrooms and our contractors have kept up with the current design trends, so you can be rest assured that your bathroom will be well-built and stylish. From start to finish, our remodeling services are personalized to your needs and completed with high-quality workmanship and great customer service. That means you'll have a say in all of the decisions and design direction, and your bathroom will be built to last. We pay attention to the details in the same way you do, so we're confident you'll like every inch of your newly refurbished space. Our services are great and are bent on giving you the best.

Large Bathroom Remodeling Services

From a small bathroom to large bath overhaul, or for a full large bathroom renovation, our team of specialists will meticulously follow the design plan, from the ceiling to the floor, and every precise detail will be followed to ensure your pleasure, depending on the style you pick.

large bathroom renovation

Bath and Shower Renovation Services

With our assistance, you can create the bathing hideaway of your dreams. We'll design it to meet your style and taste, whether you want an expansive basin for long, peaceful soaks or a big walk-in shower lined with exquisite tiling.

Tile Replacement

We will not only help you install the right tiles, we will also make sure to choose the right tile pattern, materials and color that will suit your bathroom aesthetics and styles.

Bathroom Floor Renovation Services

Our bathroom floor renovation services include removing your old panels or tiles, and installing your new bathroom flooring. We also walk close with you to choose great and trendy design styles that will suit your style and needs.

Bathroom Vanity Replacement

We'll also assist you in selecting a vanity that both matches the appearance of your newly refurbished bathroom and meets your everyday utility requirements. Our service also includes installation of your favorite cabinetry, mirrors, lighting, and other accessories around your new vanity for a comprehensive bathroom makeover that fulfills all of your wishes.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

Our full bathroom renovation involves starting fresh from the ground up to create a bathroom arrangement that's perfect for you and your family. We also enjoy sharing innovative ideas with you and bringing them to life to help you meet all of your goals and specific needs. We'll construct a unique pocket door for you if your door swings into a shelf space you'd rather have, and if it is a large walk-in shower you desire, we'll totally transform it. Our services also include installation of vanity to meet your family requirements, luxurious flooring, beautiful wall and floor tiling, addition of awesome fixtures and a functional layout to help you enjoy your large space. We can satisfy any item on your wish list if you pick a total bathroom renovation.

Large Bathroom Remodel Ideas

No matter the design style you desire, a large bathroom gives you plenty of room to achieve it and decorate it in the manner of your choice. Here are some of the designs that may interest you.

Vintage Bathroom Design

A vintage bathroom's retro-inspired style can bring charm to any home – imagine classic checkered floor tiles and a two-toned sink for added flair and elegance.

Victorian Bathroom Design

The Victorian-style bathroom is a show of luxury. Marble, exquisite porcelain, gorgeous brass or bronze fittings, and ornamental sinks and bathtubs abound in it.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Allow yourself to be pampered in a stylish bathroom with ranch-inspired features. To create a modern environment that feels homely, we'll mix traditional farmhouse elements like an enormous apron sink or black and white hexagon tiles with warm, modern details like a genuine oak vanity.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

For a fashion-forward look, a contemporary bathroom design is perfect. To bring your bathroom into the current design style, we'll consider every aspect, from faucets and fixtures to tile, vanity, flooring, and built-ins.

Woodland Bathroom Design

Nature's beauty can be brought into your bathroom in a classy way. Rough textures, raw materials, and natural features inspire a sense of the great outdoors, but modern finishes give the space a polished look.

Shabby-Chic Bathroom Design

Floral design, lacy embellishments, delicate pastel colors, exposed brick or wood elements, and gentle curves can make your bathroom feel elegant and adventurous.

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