Pool House Bathroom Remodel

A poolside house bathroom is a great addition to an outdoor pool, whether you want to hold a pool party with your friends or keep your home's interior clean.

Swimming pool bathrooms make it extremely handy for swimmers to exit and re-enter the water without having to enter the main building. Also, it increases the value of your home since pool house bathrooms are excellent selling points, turning your listing into a whole package.

Therefore, whether you need to construct a new pool house bathroom for convenience or upgrade the current one to improve the value of your home, our experienced bathroom contractors can assist you to create a poolside that will become a peaceful area with a newly refurbished or constructed outdoor restroom.

Reasons for Poolhouse Bathroom Remodeling

To Improve Your Poolside Convenience

New pool house bathroom installation is the ultimate choice if you are wary of fixing the mess made by people racing to and fro between the house and the pool, or if it is just difficult not to have a bathroom within reach to wash up after swimming. Our pool house bathroom installers will assist you in determining the most suitable location and installing an outdoor bathroom with the features you require.

To Boost Your Property Value

A comprehensive outdoor pool bathroom remodel will make your property more appealing to potential purchasers. With our services, built-in shelves will be installed to enable you can stack pool towels and terry cloth robes. Furthermore, If your home is suitable for pool parties, adding many shower cubicles and changing rooms are also a great idea to improve the quality of the home. Our pool bathroom remodeling contractors will help you with whatever you need to renovate your pool bathroom and bring your desires to life.

Outdoor Poolside Bathroom Makeover Ideas

There might be so many inclusions you might desire during your pool bathroom remodelings such as the designs, styles, and features. You might desire the vibe of an urban beach, rivers, woodlands, or even an oceanside paradise. Or might just want a relaxing outdoor ambiance. Whichever you want, we will guide you through the process, until your desires are met.

pool house bathroom remodel

City Beach - Use urban-themed tiles, mirrors, and flooring for your poolside remodel, to give your outdoor pool bathroom the vibe of a city beach.

Hidden River - A river-themed poolside bathroom renovation with pebble shower floors, natural stone walls, and a waterfall shower head will transport you to another world.

Woodlands - Relax in the woodland-themed outdoor bathroom, which features soft fabric and pastel hues that complement the rich green foliage beside the bathtub.

Oceanside -The turquoise and mint-colored tiles in your outdoor pool house bathroom will give you the ocean side experience and vibe.

Pool House Bathroom Amenity Installation and Remodeling

Foot Wash Stations

To keep the pool clean and safe for all users, foot wash stations are required. We'll place stations in strategic areas around the pool so you and your guests don't have to go around the house or risk getting dirty feet.

Outdoor Rain Showers

If you always desire to chill off before jumping in or rinse off the chlorine after a swim in the pool, an outdoor rain shower is ideal.

Drying Area

A drying area inclusion is a great idea for a poolside bathroom. To dry wet clothes before going into the house, we’ll make sure your bathroom has room for a clothes spinner when it's done. Also, to keep the rest of the house dry, a special towel drying area with a drain is a good idea. There, wet towels or swimsuits can be placed and allowed to dry.

Changing Rooms

A private changing room makes it easy to get out of your swim trunks or bathing suit without having to drip water everywhere. If it has a separate entrance from the main pool bath, it's even more convenient because one person can get changed while the other is in the pool.

Shelves and Cabinets

Outdoor pools are messy to clean up. When looking for towels in your house, you don't want to dredge on everything and make a mess of your house. You can store your pool towels, robes, shower gels, and other toiletries right in your poolside bathroom. We'll put it on shelves and cabinets to make it easy for you and your guests.

Walk-In Showers

There's nothing better than a long, hot shower after a good swim. With a walk-in shower by the pool equipped with everything you need including towel racks, robe hangers, and more, comfort and luxury will be ascertained without having to leave the pool.

Multiple Shower Stalls

Multiple shower stalls are a good fit if your house hosts a lot of people for pool parties and they experience a long waiting time before using the poolside bathrooms. We’ll help you install these multiple shower stalls so that your guests can get clean at the same time without interfering with each other.

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