Pool House Bathroom Remodel

Your existing pool house bathroom can use a remodel too. If you find cracked flooring, missing taps or a shabby shower area, a makeover can do wonders for the comfort of pool users and guests.

Swimming pool bathrooms are very convenient. It makes it easier for guests and swimmers to get ready or clean-up without the need to go inside the main house. It can also boost your home value should you decide to sell in the future. This is why you should seriously consider a pool bathroom redesign if your current one is looking drab.

Our team is ready to assist your pool house bathroom remodel. We can help you upgrade the space so that family and guests can use the facilities in comfort. We can help you create a design that complements your pool style. For example, we can remodel your walk-in shower or install a new shower pan or shower surround for better functionality.

Reasons for Poolhouse Bathroom Remodeling

To Improve Your Poolside Convenience

A comprehensive outdoor pool bathroom remodel will make your property more appealing to potential buyers. With our services, you and your guests can enjoy an updated vanity unit, shower area and flooring. We can also add a tub or install a shower and tub combination unit to increase functionality. Our pool bathroom remodeling contractors will accommodate your requests and needs during the design process.

To Boost Your Property Value

A comprehensive outdoor pool makeover can make your property more visually appealing to potential buyers should you decide to sell. There are many ways we can update your bathroom to enhance the space and make it functional. Our team can design a tropical style bathroom by changing your vanity unit to reflect a beachy vibe. Alternatively, we can install a white vanity unit to make it look cozy. For added functionality we can install a shower and tub combo so that kids can bathe safely in your outdoor pool bathroom. We have a ton of ideas on how we can improve your space.

Outdoor Poolside Bathroom Makeover Ideas

There might be so many inclusions you might desire during your pool bathroom remodelings such as the designs, styles, and features. You might desire the vibe of an urban beach, rivers, woodlands, or even an oceanside paradise. Or might just want a relaxing outdoor ambiance. Whichever you want, we will guide you through the process, until your desires are met.

pool house bathroom remodel

City Beach - This style gives a beachy vibe but with an urban twist. We can install blue or turquoise luxury vinyl planks for the floor and industrial style shower enclosure paired with a distressed style vanity unit.

Hidden River - This style is popular for pool bathrooms because it continues the water vibe indoors. Imagine wood grain planks, tan colored vanity and a water fall shower unit.

Woodlands - Relax in the woodland-themed outdoor bathroom, which features soft fabric and pastel hues that complement the rich green foliage beside the bathtub.

Oceanside -This style is also popular because the color palette is relaxing. We can continue with the turquoise theme for the bathroom and include white colored vanity units and chrome fittings for the shower and taps.

Pool House Bathroom Amenity Installation and Remodeling

Tub and Shower Installation

If your pool house bathroom does not have a tub or a tub and shower combo, we can install one for you. Installing these types of amenities will boost the comfort of bathroom goers and make it more convenient for them to rinse or wash-up.

Open-Air Shower Update

Our design team can also improve the appearance of your open-air shower. We can install new shower heads to enhance its visual appeal or new flooring for a more cohesive look with the pool and surrounding areas.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are important because it can give you the privacy to change without having to go to the main house. Our luxury vinyl plank or LVP is a good option for changing rooms because it is water resistant and can enhance the look of the space.

Vanity Unit

A vanity unit is a practical addition to your pool bathroom. It makes washing up easy and provides storage from for extra towels and toiletries.

Walk-In Showers

Update your walk-in shower to make it look modern and trendy. We can give the space a makeover by installing new shower pans or shower surrounds.

Multiple Shower Stalls

We can also update multiple shower stalls at once. We can help you choose a design so that all stalls are matching and functional.

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