Galley Bathroom Remodel

Even though galley bathrooms are tiny and narrow, they may yet seem roomy and pleasant. A galley bathroom remodel is the ideal way for adding storage, making it seem larger, and adding functions and other attractive features without compromising valuable bathroom space.

A comprehensive Galley bathroom remodel is usually required to get the most out of a tiny bathroom area. This is to ensure that every available space is used without seeming claustrophobic. Moving walls, modifying bathroom layouts, replacing fixtures with space-saving fixtures, leveraging mirrors, and optimizing vertical areas for more storage are all possibilities.

No matter how big the project is, our creative specialists have gained a sharp eye through so many years of experience in the area of a galley bathroom renovation to see the proper layout and style for your galley bathroom and turn it into a sphere of luxury and peace.

What is a Galley Bathroom?

The word Galley was coined as a result of the resemblance between a Galley bathroom and the bathroom found on ships. The bathroom is always tiny and cramped, with a vanity or sinks on one side and a toilet, shower, and bath on the other, separated by a walkway.

Galley Bathroom Construction

New Galley Bathroom for Multiple Family Members

If your bathroom causes a squabble between your children, our skilled bath installers will help you build a new galley bathroom with separators or separate enclosed showers so they may use it at the same time while keeping their privacy. They can also freshen up without squabbling over who goes first, thanks to twin vanity sinks and big mirrors.

Galley Bathroom Remodeling for Additional Storage

Though Galley bathrooms are always narrow, additional storage can still be created. By installing built-in cupboards above a shower or a tub, we will free up space. By making creative use of limited bathroom space, we will create a chance for extra storage such as towel racks and shelves placement on opposite sides of the vanity instead of placing them in front of it.

Galley Bathroom Renovation Services

galley bathroom remodel

Bathtub and Shower Remodel Services

If you crave the luxury of a tub but don't have enough space in your bathroom, Perhaps a tub and shower remodeling is in order. Constructing a shower and bath combination, for example, enables you to take a short shower in the morning and then luxuriate in a warm soak in the evening.

Tile Replacement Services

The right tile selection may sometimes be the key to making a place seem larger. Tile patterns and lighter colors, such as bright colors or white tiles, may lighten and increase the space in a room. It may also assist to use large-format tiles or replacing existing tiles with glossy ones.

Bathroom Floor Renovation Services

A galley bathroom may be tiny, but that doesn't mean it's the least in need of a makeover. Not only will a bathroom floor restoration transform the way it appears, but it will also create a new atmosphere and enlighten your mood whenever you step into your bathroom.

Vanity Makeover Services

A vanity is often too narrow for a galley bathroom. And having one will almost certainly entail compromising comfort. In this scenario, lengthening the vanity enables you to lower the width while still having enough capacity for toiletries and a sink.

Layout Changes

The layout of a galley bathroom is one of the most significant issues. It can become too crowded if the toilet, bath, or vanity are placed incorrectly. A bathroom layout renovation is an ultimate option for making the bathroom appear more spacious. Walls will be moved, the toilet and tub will be repositioned, and the vanity tabletop will most likely be adjusted to make your bathroom appear more expansive and comfortable.

Built-in Cabinets Services

Having a galley bathroom usually implies having minimal storage space. However, by leveraging vertical and even above space, more cabinets may be accommodated. Using shelves rather than drawers might provide additional storage space for toiletries and towels.

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